Online Marijuana Delivery

We provide premium quality products from the most reputable brands in the cannabis market. With overnight delivery throughout California and same day delivery available in Los Angeles, you can now order recreational and medical marijuana online more easily than ever before!

How Many Dispensaries are in California?

There are only around 400 licensed dispensaries in the state of California, a state with 40 million citizens living within its borders. Compare this to Colorado, which has nearly 500 medical and recreational dispensaries each while boasting a relatively small population of 5 and a half million people. This leaves one weed store for every hundred thousand citizens, and chances are that the majority of them either live too far away, have no transportation, or can’t find the products they’re looking for. KushCab eliminates the stresses and worries behind not being able to procure your medicine and allows Californians of all kinds to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Pioneering Weed Delivery

California is the third largest state behind Alaska and Texas, with over 160,000 square miles. That’s a lot of ground to cover! One would think that this poses a challenge to being able to deliver our products in a timely fashion, but the innovative business plan of KushCab allows us to provide medical and recreational clients in Los Angeles with same-day delivery and patients located in the rest of the state with overnight delivery!

L.A. Is Just The Worst…

When it comes to sitting in traffic jams, L.A. tops the charts. According to a report by INRIX, a company that specializes in car services and transportation analytics, drivers in and around the Los Angeles area spent over 100 hours battling traffic congestion during peak hours last year. That’s worse than New York City and even Moscow! If there was ever a case for marijuana delivery, Los Angeles is certainly it. Don’t waste hours sitting on the freeway and burning through tanks of gas when you can call KushCab and have your medicine brought to you within an hour or two! We pride ourselves on making things more convenient and efficient for our customers. We don’t mind going the extra mile to provide you with all the best flowers, cartridges, concentrates, edibles, and other goodies available on the market. So, keep KushCab in mind next time you’re thinking of getting weed delivery, Los Angeles residents!

Just A Click Away!

No matter where you live in California, getting your weed is only a click away. No longer will you have to worry about living too far from your local dispensary, sitting in traffic, or other headaches caused by life’s daily inconveniences. Browse our vast catalog of exemplary cannabis products and receive FREE shipping on all orders over $100! Give us a try and see why KushCab ranks among the top California marijuana delivery services!